art, games and comfy thoughts. thanks for checking out my carrd! <3

I respectfully acknowledge the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation, who are the Traditional Owners of the land on which I live and work. Sovereignty has never been ceded.


hihi i'm bvrned - i also go by eggie!! i'm an aussie digital artist and recent game design graduate. you can find me lurking on twitter and
feel free to send me a message! i love hearing feedback as long as you're respectful :))

❤ she/they
❤ melbourne/naarm
❤ self-taught artist, RMIT game design graduate
❤ Huion Kamvas Pro; Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint
❤ Unity, Maya and Blender
❤ right now i just want to make cool stuff and grow more comfortable in my art style!



commissions are open !!! be sure to read the terms of service before you contact me. i'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have.please note that these are base prices, and added complexity or heavy detail will increase the price.want to order off the menu (tattoo concepts, turnarounds, etc)? DM me !!!



  • $ 35 AUD


  • includes phone wallpaper version

  • $20 AUD


  • Face $25

  • Bust $30

  • Flat colour +$5

  • Fully shaded +$10

  • *Prices may vary depending on detail.

  • Tattoo Designs - COMMISSIONS CLOSED

tattoo commissions are closed right now, but i am accepting tips as well as suggestions for small scale flash sheets.these sheets are examples and the designs are free to pass onto an artist WITH PERMISSION. DM me for a clean copy, personalised design or your own flash/concept sheet.*i am NOT a tattoo artist, i just design them. your artist may need to alter the design to work with your vision.
once you have the design, i don't take responsibility for the tattoo itself - the design is then between you and your artist.


  • payment is upfront, AUD, via Paypal, and needs to be completely paid before i start on your piece.

  • you will need to confirm a final sketch before I finish the piece. this is the last point you can ask for major changes, added detail, etc.

  • i won’t proceed until you’ve confirmed you’re happy with the final sketch, so check your DMs!!

  • no refunds after the sketch is confirmed.

  • i reserve the right to refuse commissions if i am uncomfortable with the subject matter or believe you might be better suited contacting a different artist.

  • NO NOT alter/re-colour/change my artwork and DO NOT remove my handle. you don't have to credit me in your bio for PFPs and such, but it's appreciated.

  • just be respectful. if what you want is out of your price range or you're not sure if it's acceptable, just ask me about it.

  • for any other commission enquiries, contact me via DM, Discord or IG.

  • WILL DO light gore/scarring/blood, suggestive, fanart, all body types and gender expressions.

  • NO NSFW, heavy gore, or hateful content matter.


you want to commission me?? wow thank u!! here's how you can get in contact:

  • DM via Twitter or Instagram (replies usually within a few days)

  • DM via Discord (send me your @ :))